There are so many decisions to make once you have decided to adopt. As a private adoption attorney, I am able to give my clients more personalized attention and greater control over the process than they will find at an adoption agency. If you are interested in adopting a newborn baby you will have a more active role in finding the birth parents in an independent adoption, using your own attorney, than with an agency. An agency often represents both the adopting parents and birth parents and makes the decision which clients would be a good match. Consequently, you may be on a waiting list behind many other adopting parents who are clients of the agency. The time frame may take much longer working with an agency than with your own private attorney. I believe you and your birth parents should select one another and not leave your family’s fate to a third party agency to make a match for you. Independent, also called private, adoption is more pro-active, leads to a shorter waiting period, and is definitely less expensive.   

As your adoption attorney I will help you qualify as an adoptive parent. I will assist you in your advertising and networking efforts to find your birth parents. I will obtain all of the medical history and pre-natal records available and consult with the birth parents’ attorney over financial aid. I will help you formulate a plan as to whether you choose to share identifying information and have future contact with your baby’s birth parents, or decide to maintain partial or complete privacy in your adoption. I believe these decisions should always be yours to make. Of course, I will prepare and review with you all of the required paperwork and documents to be submitted to the Family Court for the finalization of your baby’s adoption. I will be available for you seven days a week, and together, we will make the process a joyful one.